Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Faith Deployed...Again Review and Giveaway

Attention Military Wives: Below is a review of Faith Deployed...Again.  Leave a comment to enter to win your free copy!!

Similar in format and content to its predecessor (Faith Deployed), Faith Deployed…Again is an outstanding resource for military wives.  Written by women hailing from all the branches (including Reserve) these short devotionals will encourage, inspire, and convict you to be a better wife/mom.  Even if you are busy and on-the-go, you will have time to read at least one excerpt a day.  They’re so short - you can even read one during a commercial break of Kathie Lee and Hoda!  (It’s true, I tried it!) 

I’ll be honest.  When I first read the book, I wasn’t sure how much it would apply to my current situation.  I read the first one while my husband was deployed, and it was certainly a comfort to my soul.  However, now my husband is in one of the Army’s “gentleman schools,” and has fabulous hours.  I wasn’t sure I would still benefit.   I was pleasantly surprised to find that, indeed, on more than one occasion, the authors spoke to my exact situation.  Whether it’s keeping track of how many days you’ve been together versus days you’ve been apart, loving difficult people, coping with overseas assignments, or maneuvering a tricky in-law scenario, this book offers guidance and words of encouragement based on the Bible.  You would be hard-pressed to read the entire book without gleaning at least one tidbit of advice.  Go ahead, read it, and see if you can prove me wrong!

Faith Deployed…Again written by Jocelyn Green, Marshele Waddell, Alane Pearce, Sarah Ball, and many more!

Giveaway:  I’m excited to give away a FREE copy of Faith Deployed…Again thanks to Moody Publishers and Jocelyn Green.  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me a little about your season of military life to enter.  I’ll randomly draw a name from all those who left comments and announce the winner on next week’s blog post.    

Or if you want to purchase your own copy, check here!


Anonymous said...

I have heard many great things about this book and have been wanting to read it. However, a great friend of mine has been going through trial after trial, again and again throughout this recent deployment and I think this would be a wonderful book for her. She is in need of any kind of hope she can get. ~Terra~

Anonymous said...

I read the first book during my husband's first deployment. I gave it away to a friend when her husband deployed. I would love a copy of the new book.
Becky Huffman

Anonymous said...

I think that the 'seasons' of a military wife are definitely more than just
4! It's a roller coaster ride, but one that I enjoy going on with army Hubby. We are blessed to be in the 'school season' right now, yet change is coming again soon!

Anonymous said...

Haha- I forgot to sign my last comment!
Maggie Walker

littlemommmy4 said...

i have so been wanting to read this book. with my husband deploying shortly i think it would be great to keep my spirits up and help me through this long deployment

Tonya A said...

We have lived thru many seasons of military life and right now we are enduring a year long remote to Korea. Being a military family has it's pros and cons but wouldn't change it for the world. I read the first book and did the study with some friends. I'm excited that another book has been released.

Mrs.Vaughan said...

This season is about to be the hardest season. Deployment season. This will be our first. We're young, both just 21. Married for 2 years now, and life has been crazy hard. The day our baby was suppose to be due (I miscarried earlier this year) is the day my hubby got his orders. I've heard amazing stuff about this book, and heard about a chance to win a free copy (thanks for the opportunity by the way). You can follow me at: lizvaughan.blogspot.com if you'd like. Have a great day!

arielrudd@ymail.com said...

My husband and I got married and 2 months later he deployed.. It was extremely hard, especially because of his family. After a year he came home and has been home for a year. Now he's getting ready to deploy again. To top that off I hope to leave for basic training soon, so it will be even more difficult to speak to each other and to deal with him being gone. And I would LOVE something to help me through this next deployment. I'm about to buy the 1st book and would love to win the 2nd book. :) thanks for all the helpful words of encouragement!

Hannah said...

This season of military life is currently in deployment survival mode. Being our first, living overseas, and being VERY far from family and friends, I am learning what it means to fully rely on God.
Hannah Johnson

Misty Simons said...

Hello, how are you ?
This is a pretty good military wife season, hubby got home a few months ago.
I would love to read these books, I think I sometimes forget that I'm not really alone in all that we go through.

God Bless you :)

Misty Simons

KitKat said...

We have our first deployment coming up at the end of this year and we just arrived at our new duty station a little over a month ago so I've found myself in an all time slump. Of course dealing with a deployment is hard enough but now I have absolutely no friends to help me through it. This is our third duty station and it has by far, been the hardest move on me and my family. With all this, I have started searching high and low for every bit of help to get me through not only this deployment but with my new surroundings. I have never read the first book so I would love to be able to get in on this one. And hopefully it will help to ease this military life that is getting unbearable for me. Thanks!

Laura C said...

I would love an opportunity to read this book. I really enjoyed the last one, and my husband is preparing to deploy again soon.

adventures à la mode said...

I continue to love your blog!! My "seasons of a military life" are always changing! It would seem I should be well versed in all the craziness that comes with it because I have technically been a military spouse for the past 6 1/2 years to include two deployments. However I am finding life as a military wife is in fact much different than life as dual military spouse! It has been a challenging transition and I'm learning to be so thankful for communities of wives who help and encourage one another as well a other resources like your blog and this book that sounds great!

J R Townsend said...

I'm in the middle (okay I wish I was to the middle) of my first deployment. 4 months into a 14 month deployment is close to half way right :)

I've been encouraged by the first book and looking forward to more encouragement from this book as well.

AmandaH said...

This sounds like a great book for me! My husbands first deployment is coming up very soon. Thanks for the chance to win!
Amanda H

Anonymous said...

We are in the crazy stage of our military life :-) My husband came home from deployment a couple months ago. He has switched units, getting ready to take off to go to a couple schools. Then, another deployment. I read the first Faith deployed and look forward to reading the new one. I can't say I'm looking forward to deployment again, but God will get us through!

Thanks, Liz